Why stay at Warwick Centre fully furniture apartments

Modern, clean and comfortable apartments.
The apartments are super clean and fully furnished with modern furniture. A comfortable stay is guaranteed at Warwick Centre Serviced Apartments as the sofas and beds are extreme comfortable with spacious washrooms, bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. Being in a quiet and cool environs, Warwick Centre offers a peacefully place to rest after a long day. Continue reading

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Corporate rentals offer convenience and cost savings

Corporate housing is becoming the trend worldwide with corporate rentals in furnished apartments being preferred more than traditional hotel accommodation.  Typically corporate rentals suit guests staying for over 30 days and are packaged to be cheaper than hotels.

According to a 2013/14 edition of the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report, extended hotel stays cost 20 percent more, than corporate housing rentals on a 30 day period. That’s why major companies are opting for corporate rentals. That has led to revenues in these types of rentals increasing as more accommodation service providers globally, shift to that niche. Continue reading

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Why an apartment in Gigiri?

Gigiri area, where the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) headquarters are located in Nairobi , is one of the most secure of locations in Kenya. For most guests, security is a top priority when choosing an apartment, and then the amenities available follow after. Apartments near UN offices around the world are generally secure, as is the immediate environment. Continue reading

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Upsurge in demand in serviced apartments in Nairobi

Nairobi City, is amidst of a recent boom in serviced apartments in Africa and globally.  According to the Global Serviced Apartments Industry (GSAIR) in 18 months upto July 2016, serviced apartments in Africa increased 8802 to 9477. According to the GSAIR, between 2014 and 2015 the number of serviced apartments (S.A)increased by 18.2 percent globally.

Locations with serviced apartments in Africa also increased from 102 to 166 in the 18 months period up to July 2016, according to GSAIR.  Still Africa accounts for only 1.15 percent of the global serviced apartments. Also places in Africa with serviced apartments account for 1.54 percent of the world’s serviced apartment locations the GSAIR report added.  Consequently, compared to the other parts of the world S.A in Nairobi and other parts of Africa, cost on average less, with the exception of Central and South America. Continue reading

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Must have services from Serviced Apartments

SERVICED APARTMENTS  are apartments normally located within one building and usually in city centre locations they are furnished and are available for short-term or long term stay accommodation.

Most are equipped with a kitchen facility or offer a meal service in the apartment or communal location.


Serviced apartments require a high degree of general safety and security maintained.

This is achieved by:

  • Clearly identified entrance
  • Information on procedures in the event of an emergency
  • Printed details of how to summon the assistance of emergency services
  • Occupiers must be provided with a key to the entrance door of their unit
  • Adequate levels of lighting for safety and comfort in all public areas, including sufficient light on stairways and landings at night should be provided. Continue reading
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Property market expected to boom after peaceful elections

Kenyans matched on 4th March to exercise their democratic right to elect a new president. But all fingers were crossed as some predicted violence as has always been the trend in Kenyan elections. Kenyans and various stakeholders including those in the property market were concerned on the conduct and outcome during and after the election. The 2007 elections saw one of the most violent episodes Kenya has ever had since it got its independence. The violence led to deaths, destruction of property and big blow to the Kenyan economy. On Monday, March 4th 2013 Millions of Kenyans queued patiently for hours to cast their votes. Tensions were high as results were trickling in having to wait up to 5 days to get the presidential results. But no major incidences were reported even after the announcement of the results. Continue reading

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Furnished Apartments in Nairobi: Take Your Pick

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a furnished apartment in Nairobi, but one needs to consider his/her needs while taking the call. Travelers are often faced with the same dilemma virtually everywhere – that of finding the right kind of place to stay. Continue reading

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Furnished Apartments; There’s something for everyone

Furnished and serviced apartments in Kenya are a great alternative to hotel rooms during an extended vacation or short-term relocation for employment. With increased and intimacy, temporary housing always seems an obvious alternative to suites and rooms at hotels. And of course, there is that extra benefit of saving money by being able to cook one’s own meals. Continue reading

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Furnishing an Apartment In Nairobi

Furnishing an apartment in Nairobi can be a bit tricky for many reasons. Usually furnished apartments are small, often there is a tight budget to contend with, and on top of all this there might be restrictions in your lease on what you can and can’t do. Continue reading

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Furnished & Serviced Apartments, New trend in Nairobi City

Nairobi has many luxurious serviced and furnished apartments’ units as a prime business and leisure destination in Africa. Many of the serviced and furnished apartments are located in strategic areas of Nairobi and serve local and international occupants doing business in Nairobi for a time. Continue reading

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