Must have services from Serviced Apartments

SERVICED APARTMENTS  are apartments normally located within one building and usually in city centre locations they are furnished and are available for short-term or long term stay accommodation.

Most are equipped with a kitchen facility or offer a meal service in the apartment or communal location.


Serviced apartments require a high degree of general safety and security maintained.

This is achieved by:

  • Clearly identified entrance
  • Information on procedures in the event of an emergency
  • Printed details of how to summon the assistance of emergency services
  • Occupiers must be provided with a key to the entrance door of their unit
  • Adequate levels of lighting for safety and comfort in all public areas, including sufficient light on stairways and landings at night should be provided.


A high standard of cleanliness should be maintained. Properties must be thoroughly cleaned between each let. Particular attention should be given to bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets.


Buildings, their fixtures, furnishings, fittings, electrical equipment, exterior and interior décor must be maintained in a sound clean condition and must be fit for the purpose intended.

All apartments must be cleaned daily and all beds made daily.

All bed linen and towels (including duvet covers where appropriate) should be

changed once every 4 days and for each new let.


Where an establishment has an annex, the facilities provided in the annex should be taken into account as well as checking if the accommodation is in an unconnected annex. All these are for determining the overall suitability of the establishment. Paths or passageways to the annex must be in good condition.


It should be made clear to visitors exactly what is included in the prices quoted for accommodation, meals and refreshments, including service charge and other surcharges e.g. credit cards.


Details of payments and a receipt should be issued in due time and a receipt if required.


If the proprietor does not reside on the premises, his/her address or that of his/her agent, who must have a complete set of keys, must be prominently displayed.


Full details of accommodation, including sleeping arrangements, should be provided. In addition to the bedroom accommodation, the type and number must be clearly indicated. The following information must be readily available:-

Car parking arrangements near unit..

Distance of unit from nearest shop(s), post office etc.

Distance of unit from nearest public transport.


All apartments must be self-contained. All in-room phones should display the restaurant/reception telephone number. Account should be taken of space needed for convertibles, e.g. bed settees.

All rooms/areas, passages and staircases must have suitable floor finishes or coverings.

All rooms/areas, passages and staircases must be adequately ventilated.


All windows in living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens must be equipped with opaque curtains or blinds. This also applies to skylights and roof lights in bedrooms to exclude light, and for privacy in bathrooms, where appropriate.


All bedrooms/sleeping areas, living rooms/areas and kitchens must be adequately lit and all lights must have shades or mantles suitably protected. Minimum lighting levels: 120 watts or equivalent in bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

All passages, corridors and staircases must be adequately lit for the safety of occupants.


Electricity should be available and an adequate number of power sockets provided.

Voltage should also be provided.


Well this is quite an obvious one, but apart from being there the bedrooms must be kept at high standards.

Bedding must be clean and kept well aired.

Bedding must be supplied in sufficient quantity.

Spare linen and bedding should be available on request.


All apartments must have at least one bathroom equipped with a bath or shower, non-slip bathmat, towel rail, and washbasin (except where washbasins are available in all


A mirror must be above or adjacent to the washbasin.

All apartments must have at least one interior WC, equipped with toilet paper and holder, toilet brush, and disposable bin with sanitary bags.

A lock or bolt must be provided to bathrooms/WC doors.

Shaver point (preferably with light) adjacent to mirror.

A bath and hand towel provided per person.


A TV should be provided at no extra charge.

Where there is no signal or no TV is provided for other reasons, this must be advertised to guests.

An easy chair and/or sofa seats should be provided sufficient for the maximum number of advertised occupants..


There should be a reception area or office where guests register. Once guests are registered they should have access to the establishment and their apartment at all times.

Proprietor or staff should be available generally throughout the day.

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