Why an apartment in Gigiri?

Gigiri area, where the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) headquarters are located in Nairobi , is one of the most secure of locations in Kenya. For most guests, security is a top priority when choosing an apartment, and then the amenities available follow after. Apartments near UN offices around the world are generally secure, as is the immediate environment.

Convenience is also another factor guests consider when selecting accommodation facilities. In a city like Nairobi, traffic jams are common place, hence guests prefer being accommodated in locations that are a one stop, for everything. That way, they can avoid being caught up in traffic jams when trying to get to various destinations to run errands, or honor appointments.

The Gigiri neighborhood fits this bill as it has all guests would want and more. Posh coffee houses, forex exchange bureaus, restaurants, health and wellness centers, hospitals, chemists all within few minutes’ drive or walks. Such facilities are also in trendy facilities like malls in Westlands area or along Thika road. This is why apartments near the UN like at the Warwick Centre are ideal accommodated options. They are in an area endowed with most leisure and personal amenities guests’ desires when they visit.

Reputation of an area also influences how functional apartments are. Gigiri is where global UNEP headquarters are; hence guests being accommodated in apartments near UN offices need to be given services of repute. That’s why Warwick Centre apartments prioritize convenience, comfort, and set accommodation standards, in line with the Gigiri neighborhood high class reputation.

General tranquility is also a factor for visitors to opt for accommodation at apartments near the UN in Nairobi. Not many Nairobi neighborhoods offer peace to guests like Gigiri. Being accommodated in a trendy apartment in a noisy or chaotic neighborhood diminishes the essence of the facility. The Warwick Centre apartments near the UN headquarters in Gigiri, Nairobi, guarantee not only trendiness, but also tranquility and order.

General public familiarity is another key factor; apartments near the UN like Warwick apartments, make ideal accommodations. Gigiri is a highly popular and well known location in Nairobi. So for international guests being picked up from the airport, most cab drivers and locals know Gigiri. That is in stark contrast to apartments in neighborhoods that are difficult to trace for cab drivers. For such, guests can end up being charged more by cab drivers, if they (cab drivers) are not sure of the location at first.

That also makes negotiating for taxi cab fare say from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport less costly to guests. Visitors get the fairest cab at the airport after first contrasting what other operators are charging to get to Warwick Centre apartments in Gigiri. Gigiri is also fairly easy to access; road networks are good, from either Mombasa Road or Thika Road, Nairobi’s two main road networks from the airport.

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